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Your Councillors

What is the role of parish and town councils?

In England alone there are over 9,000 parish councils and town councils. They are the tier of Local Government which are closest to the people.

Parish and town councils are executive bodies which have statutory powers and duties. Each is expected to, and often asked to, voice the views of the community that they represent on planning applications, local plans and other issues. They also nominate members to represent the view of the parish on outside bodies and, in turn, report back on the business of the body concerned.

They are frequently expected to lead on projects that will benefit the local community because it is often the only body with access to information and with the resources to take an initiative.

Parish and town council councillors are also required to sign up to the Code of Conduct and, in doing so, pledge to observe the requirements contained within it.

List of councillors:

Andrew Wilkin 

Rob Dawson (Vice Chair)
01964 630006

Bob Howlett
07712 508127

Kim Gray (Chair)
07879 416559

Amanda Pannet

07515 369796



Mark Gray

07825 839752


Councillor Vacancies

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